Cheers colors! Dopamine dressing is a trend that will conquer 2022!

Cheers colors! Dopamine dressing is a trend that (literally!) improves mood

I think each of us has felt the negative effects of pandemic on various levels of life. Although it may sound trivial, one of them is also … fashion. After almost two years of remote work, limiting outputs and meetings, many of us miss to jump out of the (beloved) tracksuit and improve the mood, slightly different than home, styling. Dopamine dressing trend can be a response to current needs – both aesthetic and internal.

Dopamine dressing – what does it mean?

As you can guess, the dopamine dressing trend took its name from dopamine, i.e. the chemical relationship in our body. Although it has many different and important functions, in this case it is about a relationship that the increase in dopamine is associated with with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Okay, but … what does this have to do with fashion? In a word, the key here is “ color ”.

Imagine a typical winter day that lasts briefly and usually does not enjoy sunny weather. The gray streets are full of people in gray -black stylizations … And here suddenly appears someone who catches the eye with original clothes in intense joyful colors. You will smile when you see him? exactly! Similarly, it works when we choose colors ourselves, which can often free us joy in us and – although it may seem absurd – they can improve our mood and tune well for the whole day.

This is a simple idea of attaching joy by what we are wearing, dressing in a way that stimulates the production of dopamine in our brain – explains Barbara Kruk, Kiao Basia, full of colors, leading on Instagram. – Nowadays we need happiness and joy in a huge dose.

However, will this trend be accepted in Poland, in which the most popular, at least according to ubiquitous stereotypes, enjoy colors, such as beige, white, gray or black? As the stylist rightly notes Aleksandra Kapka Intensive colors definitely make it harder to hide in the crowd, while causing that we will be more remembered to others. They can also influence the way we will be received.

Strong colors can add energy, sometimes optically hide fatigue or deduct years – explains Aleksandra. – It is worth introducing them to the stylization gradually. First try with toppings or individual elements. Each of us is different and it may turn out that this one stronger accent will be enough. If we feel that we want to play further, we can easily add more things and shades to our wardrobe – he adds.

Vicher is a brand that can play with colors and patterns great! Photo. Instagram/vicher_official

Basia also believes that the trend has a chance to be accepted in our country. In recent years I have been observing how the approach to color in Poland is changing and I am very happy that the colors are increasingly seen on our streets. We stopped being afraid of bold connections, pastels have become a new base and we turn black more and more often into light colors – explain.

Color psychology – does it really work?

Mentioning the dopamine dressing, it is impossible not to hook on the extensive topic, which is color psychology. It is not an official branch of science, but some of the thesis is difficult to deny the rightness. It cannot be denied that the colors affect our emotions and it happens to each of us – Both in the sphere of fashion and ordinary everyday life.

It may seem to us that this is only a dry theory, but many meanings and associations related to a specific shade have been scientifically examined. It has been proven that e.g. Long -time look at light blue calms and lowers blood pressure, while contact with red works the opposite, raising the level of adrenaline – explains Aleksandra Kapka. – Wearing specific colors can therefore cause different reactions, not only mental, and as it turns out also physical.

Beniki black fingers can revive winter reality. Photo.

As the stylist explains, selected colors on each of us affect a little differently, causing that we feel great in some, and in others quite the opposite. These impressions and changes in moods are particularly visible in people who until now wore mainly subdued shades and suddenly put on something very colorful.

If you want to try to wear colors, but you don’t know how to go about it, social media provide a whole bunch of inspiration. Both abroad and in Poland we will find bloggers and influencers who can create colorful combinations that – although “ do not have the right ” work – they work and look really great. The mentioned profile “ CIAO Basia ”, belonging to the expert and seeker of trends, impresses and inspires from the first look. Just look here once to want to stay for a long time and dare to complement your style with a little bold connections.

Bizuu has been conquering the hearts of Polish women from the beginning. Photo. Instagram/Bizuufashion

Similarly, he can optimistically tune Instagram Fed Starecka – Girls who inspire not only the original recipes of vegetable cuisine that she is famous for, but also with colorful and joyful vintage styles, encouraging a smile. In search of colors and original styles, it is also worth visiting a young mother, Aunt Liestyle, which is not afraid of intense colors, original patterns, feathers or sequins and can always improve your mood.

All these girls break the stereotypes and stand in counterattack to the famous “ does not fall.

Color explosion with a response to the gray reality of the pandemic

The last two years for everyone, for many reasons, have been difficult. Although the pandemic is still ongoing and of course you should be aware of the threats it poses, people are looking for “ escape ” from the complicated reality. Long months of sitting at home have meant that many people sometimes want to change a comfortable tracksuit with something more special, which – for a few moments – will improve the mood and allow you to break free from the all -encompassing stagnation. And can you imagine a simpler way than just colors?

Catch Me Label is one of the most colorful Polish brands. Photo. Instagram/Catchmelabel

You can start with small elements, such as shoes, a hat or a shawl in an intense color. You can also go all out, creating such fashionable color combinations, such as orange with purple, pink with red or green with amaranth.

It is also worth trying the colors of total look, which in their form lie somewhere between minimalism and extravagance – their idea is to dress from head to toe in a specific color, changing one saturation and fabrics of individual styling elements – adds Aleksandra Kapka. – If someone is looking for even bolder solutions, it is worth thinking about mixing various designs and colors that seemingly do not fit together, but they create beautiful and original connections, e.g. red with blue or pink. It is also worth remembering that in 2022, all warm shades of yellow and orange and neon lime will lead the way – emphasizes the stylist.

Aurelia Frauen are sisters who sew clothes made of colorful recycling fabrics. Photo. Instagram/zwei_frauen

If so far it seemed to you that the colors are not for you – maybe it is the moment to dare to change, allowing yourself to feel their power. Finally, as Kandinsky once said – “ color is a force that directly affects the soul ”.

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