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Paco Camús of Camus Collection designs furniture that breaks conventions and challenges traditional production methods. That’s why the products of this Spanish company can be found in the most exclusive showrooms around the world, from DDC in New York to Nina’s Place in London and Casa Palacio in Mexico.

Camus Collection products are handmade in the company’s carpentry workshop in the municipality of Requena in Valencia, where the founders come from. The designers are known for their love of craftsmanship and high quality products, which they have made the hallmark of their studio. At work, they use extremely precise tools to process the materials they use to create furniture, and they refine each product to the last millimetre. For the Camus Collection studio, designing is an attempt to cross the borders of geometry. In their refined furniture, designers want to encapsulate the emotions and sensual experiences resulting from contact with the material, such as wood. wood. The result is a practical and functional object on the one hand and a unique sculpture on the other.

The uniqueness of the entire collection is emphasized by the American walnut wood. This type of wood is ideal for our projects because it reflects all the values inherent in our brand: moderation, elegance and timelessness,” said Paco Camús. “In addition, this wood is extremely strong and durable. Its appearance is characterized by dark grain lines with patches of white, which creates an attractive contrast. It was also very important to us that the raw material comes from responsibly managed forests”. – added the designer.

To finish each piece of furniture Camus Collection uses shellac, which is a natural organic substance obtained from the secretions of insects called maggots (Latin. kerria lacca). Instead of coating the wood, it penetrates its structure and provides a base for the beeswax, which protects the wood and gives it an elegant, silky sheen.

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