Pure forms, harmonious shapes and noble materials in Gino Rossi spring-summer 2022Fa collection

Pure forms, harmonious shapes and noble materials in Gino Rossi spring-summer 2022 collection

Earthy colors, intriguing textures, intricate details – The set design of the session presenting Gino Rossi Spring-Summer 2022 collection was composed with minimalistic accessories of the brand. To allow the accessories to shine through, a muted color palette was used for the styling, backgrounds and photos.

In the first installment of the collection for the coming months, we look at shoes and bags for her and him. In a closet of wspóFor the modern minimalist, you can't go wrong with flip-flops on an orthopedic sole, moccasinsów – on a flat sole, a small stiletto or a heavier base, in shades of broken white, caramel or classic black. Modern athleisure style is represented by monochrome sneakers, whichóthat will easily find their way into the office dress code. Everyday fashion mixes with evening fashion. RóYou can also wear flip-flops with a sculptural heel to work or out to dinner.


The spring collection is also rich in handbags – from a super-fashionable braid were made envelopesóbags and shoppers. This texture works today across the divide of the seasonóIn the same way as wicker baskets, whichówhich no longer only accompany us on vacation. Especially when, as in the Gino Rossi collection, they are given the form of a geometric bag upholstered with skórą. More rigid shoppers and bags and soft backpacks are a nod to the surprise-filled urban lifestyle. The trend remains hobo bags as from the turn of the centuryów.

Similarly, in the Gino Rossi collection was thought about the men's line. Shoe modelsów and handbags meet the requirements of formal attire, yet wyróThe pieces have a modern twist, just right for after-hours meetings, big outings or weekend getaways. The fashionable man, whoóry appreciates quality, he can get sneakers referring to the retro style, lacquered shoes and bootsóheadbutts or derby with stitching. Essentials can be tucked into a rectangular backpack, a modern nudeóbags, or bags like bowling.

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