Amazon’s algorithm will select clothes for you

Amazon’s algorithm will select clothes for you

Amazon’s planned store is to be located in the Los Angeles area and will have an area of approximately 2,800. square meters. However, Amazon Style is supposed to work on a completely different principle than the stationary stores we know. The clothing models on the shelves will be previews. Using Amazon’s smartphone app, customers will be able to scan the tag and choose their color and size. All selected products will appear in the fitting room (which can also be accessed via smartphone). Smart screens inside the booth will allow the customer to “home” the clothes directly to the fitting room.

Source : Amazon

Additionally, Amazon’s algorithm will observe each item a customer scans, so it will suggest recommended products. So for the customer entering the fitting room, there will be not only clothes of their choice, but also Amazon’s suggestions. Payments, will be made using Amazon One’s cashless technology.

Technology to support the selection of clothing has been unveiled by Amazon previously. It helps to gradually conquer the market – according to analysts, the concern has already overtaken Walmart as the entity from which Americans are most willing to buy clothes. Still, it has room for both expansion and improvement here – to become a bigger player in the fashion market, it needs to compete not only with Walmart (which offers mostly what’s cheap), but also with more established players like Macy’s and Nordstrom.

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