Metaverse is the professional space of tomorrow

Metaverse as the professional space of tomorrow

The metaverse is a space of the virtual world, the potential of which is beginning to be recognized by more and more companies, and thus they are increasingly incorporating it into their business models. The increase in the number of posts pertaining to the meta-space is indicative not only of the dynamic growth of the metaverse, but also of new potential jobs. Will the metaverse become the workplace of tomorrow?

In October, the company Facebook (now Meta), committed to creating new places in the metaverse space. Social media giant plans to hire 10,000 people in Europe over next five years. On Meta’s website there are first job offers with the subtitle “metaverse”.

Meta isn’t the only company planning to conquer the new digital space. Fashion giants like Nike, Gucci, and Balenciaga are also creating positions in the metaverse. In the past two weeks, Nike has posted five job openings that directly relate to the metaverse space.

Source: Disney

Another and more recent example is Disney, which is also creating its first positions in the virtual metaverse. According to Business Insider, Disney is currently working on Disney Enterprises, a virtual world simulator that will allow people to participate in a 3D physical space.

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