The revolution in the world of ADIDAS sports branches extends its offer

Revolution in the world of sports bras: Adidas is expanding its offer

Studies have shown that over 90% of women are wearing the wrong size of a sports bra, and inadequate breast support leads to a breast pain in almost half of the respondents. The problem with fitting the bra results from the variety of shapes and sizes of the breast, their variability, and the challenge of choosing the right sports bra for physical activity.

To respond to the needs of active women, Adidas in cooperation with one of the best breast biomechanics testing institutes – University of Portsmouth – he redefined his offer of sports bras. As part of the BRA Revolution ADIDAS campaign. The bras will be better adapted to various silhouettes, sizes and types of physical activity – a real revolution.

The new collection uses the latest innovations in the area of materials and structural elements and bras were created dedicated to various sports. Bras Everyday They are intended for delicate movement and daily activities, Studio These bras dedicated to yoga, pilates and other low -intensity activities. In turn, bras Train They provide better support during HIIT classes and more intensity sports, and bras Run This is Adidas’s answer to the needs of runners who need the highest level of breast support. As part of the Adidas sustainable approach strategy, each line was made partly from recycled materials.

According to the campaign slogan Support is the basis, Adidas, apart from support in the form of a wide, inclusive range of products, offers professional support for their consumers – for the duration of campaigns in stationary stores of the brand, employees in white shirts will be trained who will help in choosing the right bra. In addition, from February 14 you will be able to make an appointment for a specific hour in Warsaw in Golden Tarasy, using APP. Stores in Warsaw and in selected stationary stores in Poland will also be equipped with a cabin dedicated to women in the fitting room, where consumers will find a one -time brafitting measure, a bell for calling, and graphics that help in choosing the right bowl and size, step by step.

In addition, online tool will be available from February 9 – Bra Finder, which will allow you to choose a fitted sports bra without leaving your home. After a series of short questions, the tool indicates a bra model, which best responds to our needs.

The campaign is also supported by a number of activities that not only have to promote the latest collection, but also pay attention to the negative effects of a badly selected bra. In cooperation with the well -known Podcasterka Karolina SobaƄska, dedicated campaigns will be created, and at the end of February Live will take place with a bra -lafitter organized by Adidas Runners Warsaw. We encourage you to track Karolina and Adidas Runners Warsaw to be up to date with events.

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