Style, comfort and timelessness. This is why Outhorn has been conquering the hearts of Poles for nearly 30 years

Style, comfort and timelessness. This is why Outhorn has been conquering Poles’ hearts for nearly 30 years

Who of us, especially in the face of current events, sometimes does not want to quit everything and move ahead … It is worth remembering that great adventures and interesting travels require not only good intentions, but also comfortable clothes. Outhorn is a Polish and male fashion, which is a response to the needs of all those who want to discover the world and live life full.

Outhorn – Polish women’s and men’s fashion for adventurous

Outhorn is a native brand that designs and performs its clothes in Poland, but its founders emphasize that they feel the citizens of the world and want to be open to everyone. It has been on the market for almost thirty years, so it can boast of vast experience in its field, as well as trustworthy specialists and designers.

The clothing and accessories created by the company will undoubtedly appeal to both those who run life in the city and people who travel all over the world on a daily basis.

Both men and women can enjoy a huge choice in the brand’s offer. The company made sure that their clothes were universal enough to easily become either a base or an integral part of the existing wardrobe. Classic colors, such as black, gray, greens or beige are complemented in the collection with intense colors. Yellow, roses, blues or reds will work in every wardrobe, and by the way will fit into one of the stronger trends of the upcoming season, or “dopamine dressing”.

Appearance is not everything. Outhorn puts quality in the first place

Women’s and male fashion, apart from attractiveness, must also be used. That is why both outdoor clothing and lifestyle clothing in Outhorn are performed with the highest precision and diligence, so that clothes can be used not only for one or two seasons, but even for many years. Besting on universal styles and cuts means that the models proposed by the brand are above trends and do not go out of fashion.

Outdoor clothing – which the brand proposes?

Outdoor clothing is, in the simplest words, the clothes we use outside, and their type depends most often on the prevailing weather conditions. The brand’s offer includes a place for various outerwear for women and men. They are https jackets: //, 35.0.HTML, vests, coats and parks. A huge and varied choice means that among the products, both lovers of classics and those open to original forms will find the right things.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning winter in one of the European capitals, autumn travels after rainy Great Britain, or maybe developing bicycle or trekking skills on the forever spring Canary Islands. Outhorn designers made sure you find what you are looking for and need.

Lifestyle clothing – realize your passions in comfortable clothes

Lifestyle is a fairly wide concept that we can simply translate into a “lifestyle”. And what does this mean in practice? First of all, the fact that everyone in Outhorn collections, regardless of passions or interests, can find something for themselves. Regardless of whether you are interested in long and peaceful walks, or short, but intense trainings – this clothing store will meet all your expectations.

Sports leggings will work both during yoga practices and morning jogging. They are made of materials that are ideal for exercises – they ensure comfort, freedom of movement and trouble -free air access. Sweatshirts and pants, in turn, will be a great solution for both the gym and every day-the last years have probably proved that the sweat set is an absolute must-have in every wardrobe. It will be useful both during long -hour remote work and during travel – it is difficult to imagine a more convenient outfit for hours of traveling by plane, bus or car than soft sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

Outhorn – Clothing shop with mission

Outhorn, for nearly 30 years of activity on the market, specialized in creating clothing for active women and men. Both sports enthusiasts and enthusiasts, as well as people living in the city and above all, who value unofficial style and comfort are satisfied with its products.

Women’s and men’s fashion in the installment of this Polish brand can be defined in three words – style, comfort and timelessness. Outhorn clothes combine a sports jam with daily comfort and universality, becoming a specific definition of athleisure trend (athletic + leisure, i.e. sports + rest – The, which conquered the hearts of people around the world.

So if you love sport, but relaxing is an equally important element of your life – the Outhorn clothing store is a place that will answer all needs.

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