The inspiration starts here! Answear reveals recipe for e-commerce success

Inspirations start here! Answear reveals recipe for e-commerce success

In 2021. success chases success here! went public on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, significantly expanded its assortment, changed its website, improved application, and finally, thanks to a new strategy, became a place of inspiration, and at the end of the year boasted sensational financial results. What is the secret of brand’s achievements and such good results?? Is Answear has a chance to continue this positive trend in 2022.?

Recently announced preliminary financial results leave no illusions – has broken its own record, increasing online sales by several dozen percent, which surprised even analysts. As it results from the MSSF report, the company in 2021. achieved online sales of 721 million PLN, which means growth by 67% y-o-y. In turn, the sales revenue amounted to PLN 680 and increased by 66% compared to 2020. Undoubtedly, the fourth quarter of the last year was record-breaking in terms of results – Answear achieved then online sales of 282 million PLN, higher by as much as 78% in comparison to the analogous quarter of 2020. “Achieved in the fourth quarter sales results, including the results on three new foreign markets were above our expectations, it bodes well for keeping high pace of development also in 2022. This year we plan further expansion abroad and want to strengthen our position and recognition in all 10 markets where we are present.” – says Krzysztof Bajołek, CEO of

The great results are a result of Answear, which in 2021. worked on technology, aesthetics and functionality of the e-store, product offer, communication strategy, quality and speed of service, as well as on the development of own brand.

Sustainability is the priority

25 tons of clothes and 1000 planted trees – these numbers are the effect of Wear action initiated by Answear&The company’s Share initiative, which involves donating unworn garments that will later be recycled, is a key element in the brand’s for recycling. The project continues to grow in popularity, which makes us very happy. Year by year, environmental and corporate social responsibility issues are becoming more and more important for the further development of business, and consumers, when choosing an online store, pay attention not only to the attractiveness of the assortment and prices, but also to the companies’ conduct in the spirit of sustainable development. Answear for years has been developing its CSR strategy, in which one of the main goals is more conscious and responsible production, and consequently reducing the impact the clothing industry has on the natural environment. Apart from the conducted Wear&As part of Share, the company tries to optimise its processes and implement planet friendly solutions, e.g. by shipping all products to the customer in one package from one distribution center, which reduces the carbon footprint. In 2021 year. the brand also introduced more ecological packaging, such as foil wraps made of 80% recycled materials or cardboard boxes made of recycled paper with the FSC MIX certificate. Along with website change, new functionality appeared – “Planet Friendly” filter, allowing to find products in spirit of sustainability, which more and more appear in Answear offer: made of organic and recycled materials, created with limited water consumption or without harmful for environment substances.

Answear becomes the place of lifespiration

Unveiled in October 2021. Lifespiration Starts Here strategy sets a new direction for communication, putting women at the center of its activities. It is for its customers, Answear becomes a place of life-spiration and gives itself fully to inspiration – to live on your own rules, active, creative and interesting spending of time. A new chapter in the life of the company opened with an energetic spot featuring authentic female protagonists. To the rhythm of Celeste song “Stop this flame” we could meet real individualists, not afraid to follow their own paths: Izabela-Sopalska-Rybak, the president of the Kulawa Warszawa Foundation and a social activist, Bożena Wydrowska – one of the most famous Polish representatives of the voguing scene and a promoter of ballrom culture, and Sasha Sidorenko, the professional European boxing champion. But it did not end with an inspiring video. New strategy entailed changes to the store website and mobile app, focusing on a tailored user experience, intuitive shopping path and ease of use. has significantly expanded its assortment: on the websites you will find not only clothes and accessories such as dresses, sneakers for men and women, handbags and backpacks, but also various accessories and gadgets to make your space more beautiful – especially in the category home & living. Designer products are supposed to serve customers in creating creative, comfortable and interesting environment, and the proposed solutions – to surprise and show familiar things in a completely new version. Little inspiration? You will find even more of them in Answear Journal, which introduces you to the world of fashion and lifestyle, giving you ideas how to spend your time at work, home and on the go.

Development of answear’s own brand.LAB

Speaking of brands – in 2021. their number on has surpassed 400 and continues to grow. Also playing an important role in the assortment is the 2020 development. private label answear.LAB, which is very popular among customers. The last several months of the brand’s existence have been strewn with successes, from prestigious awards (Złote Spinacze, E-commerce Polska Awards 2021, IPRA Golden World Awards 2021 and a nomination in one of the biggest international competitions of the public relations industry – IN2 Sabre Awards), to unique collections and engaging projects. answear.LAB strongly stands on the side of women, believes in their power, sisterhood, wants to encourage them to act, give them self-confidence. Summer 2021. The brand got involved in Women’s Voices Bydgoszcz Festival inspired by, creating expressive Girl Power collection inspired by the festival idea. The uniqueness of this project was demonstrated by its purpose – proceeds from sales went to various women’s foundations operating in 7 markets. In Poland supported the charges of the Martyna Wojciechowska Foundation UNAWEZA. Staying in the women’s theme, the brand has launched another project #I’m a feminist. On World Feminism Day, celebrated on November 7, she perversely gave the floor to men – famous influencers, artists, journalists, actors – to share their experiences with feminism and manifest their support in the common fight for equal rights for women and men. This is not the end – in plans for 2022. there are other exciting and daring activities.

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