The story of an exceptional feeling, or how Grzegorz and Celia Krychowiak celebrate their love Fashi

The story of an exceptional feeling – how Grzegorz and Celia Krychowiak celebrate their love?

Valentine’s Day is a special day reminding us to celebrate love and special relationships. Let us enjoy every moment spent with the loved ones we love. How to bring a smile and emphasize the time spent together? A beautiful and unforgettable gift!

We celebrate every moment, and when we give ourselves gifts, they are always thoughtful and reflect our personalities” – these words were shared by Grzegorz Krychowiak on the pages of one of the interviews given together with the footballer’s wife, Celia Krychowiak. Supporting each other, enjoying every moment spent together and looking for opportunities to have as many as possible are ways Celia and Gregory celebrate their love. And the gifts? As the Polish soccer representative rightly remarked, above all they should be chosen with care and love.

Those looking for an idea for a unique gift should check what Kazar has in its offer. The company – just like Celia and Grzegorz – is the reflection of the newest trends in the world of fashion and good style. No wonder that it was the couple who took part in the brand’s unique Valentine’s Day campaign.

Love, beauty, joy of closeness, passion for fashion and good style. This is what we wanted to show in the Valentine’s Day Kazar Love Story campaign. I have no doubt that Celia together with Grzegorz are a perfect embodiment of it” – says Karol Kazienko, director of marketing and women’s collection department at Kazar.

Kazar collections delight with their individual character and their unique design has been appreciated for years by customers who value the highest quality combined with world trends. In the brand’s offer you will find a wide range of unique gifts, which will certainly turn out to be a perfect surprise for her and him. Beautiful models of shoes and handbags are also a perfect complement to everyday outfits, as well as those for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. On the website and in stationary stores first models of the spring-summer collection, which pays tribute to sophisticated femininity, have already appeared. It is versatile and sensual – dedicated to women who want to emphasize their uniqueness, love to shine and feel confident in every situation. While creating proposals for men for the new season, the designers were tempted to experiment with hybrid styles, combining elements belonging to the formal and casual canon. It has been rightly noticed that in fashion these boundaries are becoming more and more blurred.

Special attention in Kazar offer deserves unique accessories wallets and belts, which are definitely distinguished by good style and attention to the smallest details. Such a gift will surely bring a sparkle to the eyes of your beloved. Although happy people don’t count the time, the fashionable watch With its tasteful aesthetics and reliable movement, it will make a great gift for her as well as for him. This is an exceptionally elegant gift that will help you measure the time each day until you meet together. If, on the other hand, one is looking for a casual gift, small accessories will be the best option. Scarves, hair ornaments, key chains, whose aesthetics and quality make them not just an ordinary gadget but an exceptionally stylish accessory, will prove to be the perfect idea for a classy little gift. Perfumes & Home Fragrances will emphasize the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day meetings. Scented candles work well as gifts, as well as helping to create a beautiful mood and warming the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day encounters with pleasant, enveloping notes of vanilla and cashmere. If, on the other hand, you want to give a loved one a tailor-made gift, it is worth taking a look at the offer of Balamonte. This is a brand that was created out of Grzegorz Krychowiak’s passion for classic Italian elegance. He focuses his business on sewing suits and shirts for men and women using the Made to Measure method. Also offers a collection of ready-to-wear suits, jackets, pants and shirts available in a full range of sizes. All this with fabrics from reputable suppliers from Italy and the UK.

Just after Valentine’s Day, Singles’ Day is celebrated. This is the perfect opportunity for those who have yet to find their other half. On this day, celebrate self-love and give yourself the gift of your dreams!

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لقرب منطقة الجابرية من مدينة الكويت علما انها من مناطق محافظة حولي ولكن يجعل ذلك اسعار شقق للايجار في الجابرية مرتفعه وغالب الطلب يكون من المواطنين وليس من الزوار او الوافدين Pallets for sale

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