Trends for autumn-winter 20212022 according to merchants from

Trends for autumn-winter 2021/2022 according to buyers from

The autumn-winter season 2021/2022 is coming fast. In some places of Poland, we are slowly opening the wardrobes to get trench coats and boots out of them. However, whether permanent autumn trends will be changed this season? What will we wear? Experts Answear told us about the upcoming – Karolina Cymerman and Agnieszka Pruchnik.

The autumn and winter period has its own laws. Every year, we refresh our wardrobes by adding a new model of various types of outerwear, sweaters, pants and shoes. Most often we focus on dark colors, browns, burgundy. Grates, leather and flannel dominate. Will our purchasing trends change in the upcoming season?

First forecasts

A season ahead of us, which after a year of fashion hibernation It will surprise us with unconventional solutions and bold projects, reminiscent of everything that we missed in pandemic reality.” – We are informed by experts from the premium collection department.

“ Of course, there will be fun fashion, but We will mainly focus on uncompromising, fanciful forms that deconstruct the so far -colored patterns. It is a season that blur the boundaries between what is official and unofficial, which allows you to combine unobvious threads and introduce what was designed to be strictly defined on a daily basis.

What will we wear?

We will allow ourselves a large dose of experiments and bold choices; Evening, occasional motifs will intertwine with everyday life. During the day we will decide to wear sequins, transparent fabrics and feathers MaButa. Short forms in dresses, overalls and skirts will dominate. We will have more courage in the expression of our body as part of the Body Positive trend, emphasizing them with matching projects and focusing on Intensive colors and fancy all over prints.” – They are given by Karolina Cymerman and Agnieszka Pruchnik.

  • Superdry,
  • Tight reserved dress

However, there will be a continuation of threads from previous seasons, inspired by a male wardrobe. Oversize jackets and shirts will still be available, as well as simple suits with unlimited forms and an outlined arms line.

Certain things will remain in the wardrobes

Definitely definitely grilles will appear less often, We will replace them with rather abstract prints. We also give up fur coat for voluminous powders. There will be less and less monochrome, heavy stylizations. Designers suggest us to bet on this season to stand out and absolutely not blend in with the background.” – They add experts.

  • Isabel Marant Étoile,
  • MMC


Certainly, the approach to color becomes revolutionary; What was reserved so far for the spring-summer collection can be found this time in all its glory in autumn and winter. We focus mainly on fuchsia, alternative shades of blue (aquamarine, cobalt, turquoise), lime and pastels.” – Specialists tell.

  • Bottega Veneta,
  • Fried & Freddies,
  • Maje

We leave the midi length in favor of the Crop and Mini options. We are still playing with knitwear, which from the beginning of the pandemic accompany us, but this time we approach them a bit less casual: knitted suits, sets, dresses with evening forms, and even knitted covers.

Customer purchases to date

They are very popular outerwear – the more fancy and colorful, the greater their popularity. Customers boldly choose Oversize crop-defers, leather trench coats and deconstructed denim jackets. The situation is similar with accessories, here also a strong, electrifying color plays a key role, but the issue of their form is also interesting.” – give experts

We have been observing a departure from the classic styles of bags, backpacks and stripes since last season. Tote Bags, the shoppers are replaced with Micro-track, we are inspired by the typical years of two thousand Baguettes and play with their textures by putting on reflective neon lights, eco-fitted finishes, velor and braids. The backpack ceases to be usable and becomes a fashionable, sublime element of styling. We treat the stripes like jewelry, we wrap up several times around the waist and we expose their decorative character more often.

  • Lebrand
  • Bizuu
  • Gabriella Hearst

What Answear will

We will try to encourage our clients to experiment and for creative choices, which this season provides us in many ways. We mainly focus on that our selections are heavily immersed in current trends, so we hope that everyone will find their fashion needs in them.”

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